Bridgestone Adventure A40 120/70-19


Bridgestone Adventure A40 120/70-19

Bridgestone Adventure A40 120/70-19
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Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A40 Tires

For the ever-evolving, new-generation of sophisticated adventure bikes, Bridgestone fuses the MotoGP heritage of the Battlax brand and the highly acclaimed all around excellence of the Battle Wing brand to create tires that deliver enhanced traction and stability, particularly on wet surfaces. These trail radials were extensively tested in the myriad conditions of European roads to ensure sportier, yet safer, performance on all roads, in all weather conditions.


  • Significantly improved dry and wet weather performance
  • Blocks are extended in the direction of the forces that are generated when cornering for added stiffness
  • Wider grooves for improved water channeling
  • Short grooves are added to enable movement of the peripheral rubber for greater block stiffness and operation
  • Larger contact area at high lean angles due to improved profile and construction
  • Increased grip from revised compound
  • 20% improved wear life without sacrificing performance
  • Perfect for high powered adventure bikes
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