Dunlop Trail Smart 150/70/17


Dunlop Trail Smart 150/70/17

Dunlop Trail Smart 150/70/17
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The Dunlop TrailSmart Tires let the adventure rider in you push on where the road ends and the trail begins. The TrailSmart takes inspiration from the market-leading Trailmax TR91, maintaining a similar V-shaped groove pattern that provides superior grip in all conditions, dynamic handling, a high level of feedback and precise steering. Incorporated into the tires are silica-fortified compounds that enhance traction and grip in both wet and dry weather, and helps reduce rolling resistance for better mileage. The TrailSmart Tires are a perfect option for the road less traveled and for riders who spend most of their time on tarmac with an occasional off-road adventure.


  • 80% on-road, 20% off-road
  • Optimal balance between on and off-road capabilities
  • Revised tread pattern for improved mileage compared to the Trailmax TR91
  • Intersecting groove pattern increases wet-weather performance as well as off-road traction
  • Large footprint and even pressure distribution helps increase traction and mileage
  • Silica-fortified tread compound
  • Exceptional cornering grip in all conditions
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